The Last Descendant, Debut novel

She is not a monster.

Twenty years ago, Dr. Abby Whiting was the lone survivor of a viral outbreak that killed thirty-one other children. Her reward—her curse—is that she cannot get sick. Ever. Determined to discover what makes her different, Abby accepts a position at the highly secretive Hastings Clinic in Cambridge, England, where her childhood medical records are held under lock and key.

He is.

James Stuart is the head of the mysterious clinic where no one knows his past, one that stretches over almost two centuries. To salvage the last dregs of his soul and save his legacy, he promises Abby her medical records, but only on one condition—she must replicate his blood, a feat no one has yet to achieve. Though many have tried—and paid the price of failure with their lives.

He has vowed to catch one.

After surviving a near-fatal car accident, Detective Inspector George Cooper needs to prove he’s still cut out for the job. When a doctor goes missing from the shadowy Hastings Clinic, DI Cooper doesn’t shy away from going after the man responsible for nearly getting him killed—James Stuart. There’s a pattern of doctors disappearing from the clinic and he suspects Abby is next.

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